Adult Ballet Extension Goal

Can an adult dancer get their extensions? Really nice ones? I’ve seen other Adult Dancers with extensions, but a lot of them were dancers until their teens so they are familiar and still have the muscle capability to do it. I’ve NEVER had my foot developed up to my ear. I wouldn’t mind seeing it at my shoulder. I wouldn’t mind having my straddle splits and I can lie flat between them.

I have a lot of disadvantages. I know my right hip has a tendency to need to be popped frequently when I turn out. I fear I may have a natural curvature/bone growth that impedes giving me full turn out. My hips are always tight feeling. I have no muscle use in my Psoas, so it is no doubt tiny and weak. As are the other muscles in the hip, back and abdomen.

If any of you are readers of mine. You know when I hit a brick wall I attack it. I’ve done 30 day splits challenged and have made headway. I’ve never completed my splits, but I’m going to do that… I’m going to do that along with working on my extensions.

This time though, I’m giving myself more time. I have until June for me to be able to almost get a 180° penché , I want my second at my shoulder, and devant more than 90°.

I will try and get extension and splits photos up and start tracking my progress.

In recovery process, I’ve been personally adjusting my gait. I don’t really limp any more and can stand for extended periods on my feet. My ankle/incision will sharply hurt if I over do it so I sit and ice and elevate. Yesterday though I walked my dog by myself, I went to two different grocery stores, and cooked dinner. Probably next weekend I’ll take the car out to adjust back to driving. Physical Therapy is going well, I’m still out my CPM machine so yesterday I spent time in my old suffolk pointe shoes and helped pushed over my box. I just pushed the heel forward on the sole and it pushed into my arch and helped me go over. I got to wear my shoes in PT, but I could barely get over my box my feet are so weak. Yeesh! More tendus for me.

Happy New Year! Hoping 2015 is a year of progress!!!


8 thoughts on “Adult Ballet Extension Goal

    • Recording progress even for yourself and privately is nice. You’re really able to judge your progress and see a different which helps to motivate you. Now I just need to start doing that haha!

    • Thanks! Extensions here we come! I surprised myself by being able to lift above the barre before going into passé. I thought with all my bed rest the last two months I wouldn’t have any strength but it’s still there! Just have to keep stretching and strengthening. 🙂

  1. Good luck! And remember to take it slow 🙂
    It’s OK if it takes time. I’m 23 and it took me one year to get both my front splits down (I guess I need to work on straddle split now). I was trying to hard and hurt my hamstring. I had to slow down on the stretching for months.
    It’s different for everyone, don’t put pressure on yourself! Each stretch is one step closer toward your goal anyway

    • Hi Adeline, You may want to take a look through my blog. I’ve been working on split stretches for a long time. The hamstring over stretch is the most common injury a lot of people incur when they are a little too forceful and I’m no different but have learned from my mistakes. You may want to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed and over your hips when stretching and not leaning forward on the front leg. Make sure you’re really warmed up before hand too. Good luck with your splits.

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