I Love Shoes!

Missing having my feet in shoes, everything from heels to dance shoes. I am a big shoe person. I love fashion sneakers, I love ridiculous high heels, I love a good pair of working dance shoes too.

Here are my two top picks of soft ballet shoes if you’re in the market.

The Angelo Luzio/Body Wrappers TotalSTRETCH soft ballet shoe I loved until summer. I think I still love them, but I haven’t worn them since last summer. I loved these shoes so much that I bought a back up pair and now they’re just hanging out. I wore them all school year last year and had no issues. Turns were great, it accentuated my arch nicely. They were comfortable and were a durable shoe. The Bloch Zenith I had bought a few years prior had a tendency to run a hole at my 2nd toe from friction with the floor. Yet the rest of the shoe was in good form. So that was a quick waste. You couldn’t really tape or mend the hole because of the elasticity of the fabric. The Body Wrappers though was great. The fabric wasn’t TOO stretchy, handled going through the wash to clean up a dirty sole, and came pre-sewn!! Sadly my second pair are now only half sewn. I really like my soft shoes sewn for me. We spend enough time sewing up pointe shoes it was nice to have shoes ready to just wear.

My complaints? During my summer intensive my feet swelled and it was sooooo uncomfortable to wear! My toes were scrunched in my shoes. Which was weird, and not the shoes fault. I had to go in search of a new pair of shoes beginning of the intensive. Before that the shoe was a little baggy around the toes. If you have an average medium width foot you should be fine. Since I have a fairly narrow foot that also compresses when warm it would get a little baggy but it never bothered me until I got a new pair of shoes that fit even better.

So last summer I had to buy an emergency pair of soft shoes while at my intensive. Due to the heat and being on my feet for hours caused my feet to swell. It was impossible to wear my pointe shoes, and it became impossible to wear even my soft shoes! I had to concede and a group of lovely dancers and I left for the local dance store in Oregon called the Leotard. Which was actually great! They were super nice and had a great selection of things. The people there helped me find a new pair of soft shoes by So Danca. The cotton was soft and stretchy, but conformed to my narrow foot better than my BodyWrappers. They allowed stretch so when I swelled it fit comfortably. Yet when my feet went to normal during October the shoe continued to conform. They’re comfortable, stretchy, and turns were fine too. A little bunching but nothing I couldn’t get over. They really hugged my arch and accentuated the foot lovely like. The other plus… PRE-SEWN!! Nothing like slipping on a pair of shoes and just WEARING THEM TO CLASS. The best. These shoes are my current go to in my dance bag. The fabric seems softer/weaker than the BodyWrappers but haven’t shown wear yet. So I’ll get to see what happens, but I still really like these shoes. They are a lighter peachy “ballet pink” but they actually go better with my tights than the tanner color of my BodyWrappers.

What’s your current favorite soft shoe in your dance bag?


6 thoughts on “I Love Shoes!

  1. I’ve been wearing the SoDanca stretch canvass for a few months and the kid just got a pair. They are sooo comfy that I overlook some other things that I like less than my old Grishko Ultimates… and for some reason mine have stayed shockingly clean… we’ll see what happens with the kid’s, he’s a notorious turner-blacker of white slippers.

    • Yea, my SoDanca are pretty clean too! I don’t know what it is… May also help that I went from a linoleum floor to marley which doesn’t seem to get too dirty. I liked the way the Grishkos felt flat but in demi was a no bueno for me 😦

  2. Definately the Bloch Elastosplit. The sole is the thinnest that I have encountered so far. I have one pair of elastic slippers too (can’t recall the maker/model right now), but the sole on those was way too thick. + they kind of put some pressure on my achilles tendon and I have some problems with my right leg at the moment, ant the added pressure is too much right now.

    It should be noted too that whre I live, we have a bit limited selection of slippers. And those that you linked are not sold here and discount dance supply wont ship them outside US. So thats that.

    • Elastosplit is pretty well liked over here too. I see a lot of Adult Ballet-ers with them. I tried them on but they twisted when I attempted to turn. Probably for several reasons including fit. So they were a no go for me.
      It’s unfortunate you won’t be able to try the shoes I mentioned, but like Mama WeDoBallet says. Grishkos are a nice pair too, the placing of the suede pad never felt right for me, but they are a nice pair of shoes. If you ever try a pair of foreign shoes I’d love to hear about them. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I love the Grishko Ultimate canvas split sole. They have absolutely no bunching in the front and are so soft. I did have to sew them (drag…) but they’re phenomenal. They are the exact shade of my pink tights as well, so a little lighter. They do show some dirt but I’m one of those people that think the little bit of dirt is a badge of honor, showing my hours of ballet dedication. I also feel like I need four pairs of shoes at a time even though I only dance once or twice a week. But I want to try the Bloch Synchrony next, the lack of a tie/pressure on the achilles are intriguing. (I tried the first pair they came out with but they are so baggy and sad.)

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