The End is Near

I have returned from PT and my Dr’s check up appointment. I am doing well on both fronts. I am now in my pointe shoes again, doing bourres, releves, and echappes. Doing pirouettes in flats, they’re horrible. All my good turning mojo has left since my hiatus. I took ONE dance class and it was all barre. By the end of barre, including stretch at barre, my foot swelled from all the activity so I have it a break and elevated and watched the rest of class. Just two other adults, it’s the studio just down the road from mi casa.

My Dr. says my next appointment in the next 5 weeks will probably be my last. PT says that we’ll probably be wrapping up soon too, that most of the PT exercises I can do myself now and that I’m progressing really nicely. She says she’s always more impressed with my stability and how I’m over my foot on my surgical/right foot. I guess the bone no longer there really has made a difference. I can’t tell exactly, but my turns on my right foot are far steadier than my left. It’s like since the surgery my right foot had a reset button and now it’s like a magical leg. I not wanna do that for my left leg! No rush though, surgery is very exhaustive work. My achilles still likes to stay stuck so that’s my biggest thing right now, but it’s far better than it had been. Slow and steady progress.

I’ve been watching the Prix de Lausanne competition videos on youtube. Miko Fogarty didn’t even place surprisingly enough. I felt her performance was really well done. Solid solid turns, but her attitudes were not as high as they were last year. Also who ever is coaching her now has her not doing little bourres in-between transitions so it’s a little weird to see her stay solid 5th and then transition. There were a few variations from others that were heart breaking, they started out so strong and then at one of the most difficult parts they fell off pointe and it ruined their momentum for the rest of it and they scramble just to finish it. Not a lot of closed 5ths either. I was really surprised by the sloppy 4ths. It was great to see that most of the awards went to fantastic male dancers this year! I was very excited for them, well deserved, beautiful dancing!!

Still very frustrated with WP. All my followed blogs I can view if I go directly to the website. The app has completely failed me in every update it erases my blogroll. Then if I try and follow everyone again I get weird stuff… it’s just annoying. So I check usually on the weekend. The blogroll has been a little slow though 😦 Glad to see a few people still lurking though, and old ones making a come back!

In more personal matters I’ve been self studying the Japanese language. I have a trip to Mexico for a wedding in May and in late October early November will be in Japan for my Husband and my(is that proper grammar?) late honeymoon. We’ve been mass studying and researching what we want to do and all this elaborate travel jazz.

I’m also now confronted with finding a new studio that will be just right. Going to the PNB is wonderful, but I need to restrengthen my feet for pointe work. PNB is evening classes which takes a lot of time out of my day if I go. Start looking around again. I miss my Sensei but she’s off in Spain again. BUH.