DD why you do this to me?!

Ugh… Just like that you end up with 4 new pairs of dance tights. Dance supply websites are a dangerous place. Doesn’t help they were $1.50+ for each pair… WAAAT? (I got me 2 pairs of caramel and black stirrup colored tights for $10 with shipping. AMAZING. I can even wear it for winter time *sparklyeyes*)

Today I’m in Seattle going to go to PNB! I didn’t start the morning out right though. Lots of migraine symptoms affecting me. Was a no bueno scenario. I have NOT been keeping up with my at home PT regime… but I’ll try and work harder on that. Try.

It’s also really late, but I have 9 skirts, 10 if I get this last skirt finished and photographed ready to put on my etsy store. Just in time for summer intensives. I feel I have a good selection of colors, varying lengths, and textures. I hope everyone likes them. I’m trying to get those up asap. You guys I’m so bad at running a business, *whinecomplain* someone do it for me… RP. You’re good at everything. Do it for me *whine*

Anyways… life has been boring.


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