Dance Skirts! Finally!

Alright you guys, I FINALLY put up the skirts. SO late. Like, these were ready months ago. I’ve just been dragging my feet.



There’s plenty more in the store, snap them up before them whipper snappers do.

Lately I’ve felt a little at odds with dance. I think it’s because I keep thinking negative thoughts about what I want to do that’s kind of spiraled me out of control. BUT, hopefully I’ve pulled myself out of it and and pulling back up on the controls. I’m going to class again, and making an effort to drive to Seattle on Saturday mornings. It’s fun taking a late morning class! So refreshing. I’m refocusing on my at home physical therapy needs since I’ve neglected them. If my skirts do well I’ll try again to rekindle my efforts for them, but it’s a possibility they be my last batch. Lets think positive thoughts though! To anyone who keeps reading and keeps following – thanks. I really appreciate it.

Etude House Dreaming Swan LE collection

If anyone is a makeup buff, a Korean brand is selling a limited edition collection of very cute products themed for ballet/swan lake.


There’s a variety of colors with matching lip sticks. I believe there’s also highlighters and nail polishes. You can find them through eBay and amazon if you’re interested in picking up these lovely whimsical sets. I love how even the powders are pressed with ballet images. I would LOVE to have some pieces, especially the coral set (my favorite colors to wear) but I’m saving to go to Japan. SO… I’m abstaining. Doesn’t mean you can’t buy some for yourself and covet! If you do, let me know what you got and how you like love them!

Update on Extension Goals

So I had a goal for extensions. That due date has come and gone, and unfortunately I didn’t get very far. BUT surgery did help with my extensions in a sense. I did stretch my right leg more. I did build stronger holding pelvic muscles to keep up that dead weight while crutching about. My extension on my right is past 90° now. Just focusing in on turning out more. My left side is all sad and needs work. I know I can get it better, I know I can I know I can. Take that Thomas the Train!

Also, I did NO ballet photos on my vacation in May. Whoa… shows how much dance I’m NOT doing. No arabesque shot on the beach at all?! What’s wrong with me?!