Wearing Leotards as God Intended

Today I went commando for the first time. I don’t feel liberated per say… But it’s nice to not have an extra piece of fabric wedged up me crack. Would I recommend it? Yes actually! Now you don’t worry about people seeing panty lines!


5 thoughts on “Wearing Leotards as God Intended

  1. Haha! Eventually I just realized that it was ridiculous to wear three pairs of underpants in a single day and I haven’t looked back. Plus: I’m saving water on that extra laundry! I am DROUGHT CONSCIOUS.

  2. I’m still not there yet!! Maybe I’ll put it on my goal list for after the summer holidays…

    Does it feel weird with just tights… You know.. Down there? I’m assuming it’s tights first then leotard?

    • Right now tights and leo. Sometimes I switch depending on my mood. Either way, it feels “normal” If not better. Because I don’t have to be worried about underwear lines. It’s a more cleaner look in that it’s just you and there’s no added bulk! If that makes sense. As for period days, I don’t know yet…

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