Summer Dancing and Somber news

It feels like it’s been a whole month since I danced last. Actually, it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks. So… classes at the PNB start again today. I’ll be going for a regimen of Tuesday and Saturday time permitting. My body feels VERY out of shape, so I’m very excited to be going back. While I’ve not been in class, I pestered my friends who were in Vancouver, WA for the SunKing dance intensive. This year’s group was nearly 30. Last year was 40+. I envied everyone, but knew the reasons withholding me from it were best. Recovery still from my surgery and $$ It’s just so expensive to stay a whole week at a hotel, even split between someone, eat out at restaurants (no kitchenettes) and pay for the classes. I’m hoping next year to attend their “teacher” oriented one for those who are or are aspiring to be teachers. It’s located in Richmond, VA. So that’ll be a new place to tic off my list of places to visit.

In more somber news, I had a very sad 4th. The 3rd was concluded with having to put down my cat of 15 years. The cat my Husband and I have shared, nurtured, and loved since the beginning of our relationship. While it was the right thing to do for Him, it’s a very sore subject for us that pesters us persistently. Especially at home were we catch shadows and glimpses of him still in our life. We’re adamant about talking bout our feelings, no matter how absurd to each other and telling others openly as it seems to help ease our feelings. Fourth of July was very raw emotionally for us. We woke up with the memories of the previous evening still fresh and stinging in our minds. We canceled plans to visit friends and preoccupied our brains with a movie marathon all day and most of the night. Snuggled our dog to help him with his anxiety of the fireworks. Then called it a night with our remaining cat. While the wounds are still very deep, they don’t sting so badly. We’re taking our time with it all, and have no plans currently of adopting again until maybe after our trip to Japan.