Who’s Out There?

So… sadly a lot of the Adult Ballet-er blogs I followed have gone silent… So who out there wants to be on my follow list! Leave a comment/link of your blog or your favorite dancer blogs to read πŸ˜€

24 thoughts on “Who’s Out There?

  1. I just started my journey as an adult ballet-er blogger last year. been following many blog before that and I have also noticed many of them going silently in to the night. And not that many new ones coming up. Sad 😦

  2. I totally stopped updating RemedialBallerina like a month ago. I just got too busy with recital! I need to start posting again, thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t blogged in a looooong time. But I still read everyone’s! I danced up until last year when I got pregnant! I just had my baby in April, so I unfortunately haven’t returned to the studio yet 😦

  4. I just started dancing in February, and I write about ballet on my blog The Chronic Positivity Project, but it isn’t strictly about dance or ballet.

    I’m excited to find a couple new ballet blogs because so many of the ones that get linked to or show up in blogrolls aren’t alive any more 😦

  5. I’ve been a slacker up until recently too, also because of recital stuff! Plus summer is slower dancing-wise. Trying to update on my shenanigans though!

  6. Still trying to get completely settled in New Mexico, which is one reason my blog hasn’t been updated. Finally found a studio and hoping to get back to class more frequently.

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