Your Neighborhood Shoe Dealer

I was stretching before class today, and watched as another adult dancer started pedling her unwanted slightly broken in pointe shoes. To people who were no where ready for shoes. Ummmmmm… 
I also clashed with a dancer I’ve mentioned on here before. The over zealous dancer. The one who leaps out the door because there just isn’t enough room for her to execute her combination like the rest of us 9.9 we were doing pique turns, and I’ll admit I was the back dancer so I should be more aware. But she literally decided she didn’t have enough room in the front of her and started going straight into my path(horizontally across the stage). Woman. There’s a reason you don’t start that far forward in the diagonal to begin with. Also check your diagonal to see if you have space. You also have more than enough room to not smack hands with me 3 times!! If the first hit didn’t warn you your direction was wrong I can’t help you :/ Then criticize me after we finish. Listen lady, you ain’t all that and a bag o chips. She’s previously barked at people for standing in her way at the barre/mirror, also she goes in and claims a spot on the barre AND floor. With a water bottle. I almost picked it up today wondering why there was a water bottle in the middle of the floor. GOD! This isn’t your private class!! Aughhhhh!! I shouldn’t be aggravated after a good class! Especially after I started really fixing my problems from Saturday! *mentableflip* RAWR!!!!

I Want My Plié Back!

Two more classes before Summer course is over. UGH.

I’m happy and sad at the same time.

I’ve made some decent progress since returning to dance. My stamina is coming back, my muscle tone is returning, my turns are doing pretty great. Just working my little heart out to improve like everyone else is. That makes me all happy and sing song.

Then you mess up on a few things. Because you’re still not fully healed. And even though it’s been more or less 10 months since my surgery. My plié still needs to be coaxed with a lot of stretching, massage, and heat to get some function back. I still don’t have my plié to where it was. I can’t get my achilles unstuck yet! Like if I press my bent knee against the wall to see how far my big toe is from the wall, I get 2 inches. Left side has like 6 inches. YOU GUYS THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING. Last week I’ve been trying to do a tour assemble and I can’t land properly for two major reasons right now. I’m not spotting and my body is self protecting it’s tight achilles. I’ve been landing horribly!


So I’m happy class will be over after next Saturday. I’m also glad to have the self induced pressure off myself. I will PROMISE myself to work hard in stretching every day of the break. Work on my strengthening exercises. Lets try and get my plie back!