So I had my first Mentor driven class in a long while. I. Am. Sore. My arches and calves are sore the most. I could barely keep my develope up. I found myself keeping my leg on the floor during certain leg extension exercises. I also still have my stuff ankle/achilles so I was limited a little.

I also had a mini emergency after class! My car was due for a water pump replacement but we were waiting for the car to let us know. That happened that night, which happened to be pouring rain. So I had to pull over and wait for my Husband to come over and we drove the car to the mechanics to get the work done with out having the engine over heat.

Then I got two tacos and a chocolate shake and plumped into a hot epsom salt bath.

Maybe it was just a bad idea to do two and a half hours of intense ballet when I haven’t really had that much work in a long time.

I’m really out of shape. The classes at the PNB seem to be inconsistent and work more my brain than my body. I’m also re-learning and taking more notes on how my Mentor teaches class. It’s one of those last opportunities to get as much info on how she teaches so that when I’m ready to teach on my own I’ll have some notes to remind me how I started and what worked and what maybe in the future I need to change.

I have class again tonight. Someone save me. Two hours. I’m also still hoping to go to class at PNB on Saturday.

Also there’s this strange misconception about me dancing at the PNB. Many of my family members, friends and acquaintances think I actually dance for the PNB. Nein mein friends and family!!! I take OPEN classes. I pay to be there and be taught. I do no performances with the PNB and I’m not on their payroll. Despite telling this to everyone they still just assume I’m a dancer there. Flattering but also a littleĀ embarrassing. I would never portray myself as a professional. It would be easier to just say “yes!” to it all, but I insist and inform everyone that while I dance ballet, and sometimes at the PNB, it’s not professionally.

Anyways- tomorrow I have a Nutcracker performance to watch with my Mentor. The Nutcracker that I danced in two years ago. I miss it now. I wish there were more studios around here I could dance with. We’ll see what happens.

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