Cookie Crumbling

I never knew something so small would become so significant in my ballet life. The Foot Rubz massage ball has been a god send since after my surgery. It breaks up frozen stiff tissue under my foot as well as taught ligaments and tendons in my calf. It is extremely useful when traveling and you spend long hours walking everywhere in shoes that are less than ideal. Or shoes you’re trying to be fashionable in instead of practicle.

Well when we left Japan, I had given it to Husband to use the night before. So it’s usually a general understanding if you loan someone something or leave it in their possession they take responsibility of it. My Husband is a very sensible and responsible man, so I didn’t assume he’d forget it. Yet he did. No biggy! I say to myself when I return to class. I’m a little stiffer than usual and pliés become a struggle again. I’m sure class will sort it out. To my horror it just makes it more stiff! So I beg Husband to buy me a new one which he forgets to immediately and takes a week or so to do so. Which then it arrives promptly and I go back to using it for a week. To which it then disappears again! I don’t know where, but I saw it last at my old studio I was dancing at before break. I checked their lost and found when I returned from break but no dice. Ugh.

So again, I’ve been with out it. I can tell it’s SUPER tight under my foot and I’m not getting the plié I was getting before I left for break. FRUSTRATION. I have no idea where it went and I’m usually really good about not losing ballet stuff! So hopefully Husband will put in an order today. Maybe I should just make a discount dance order…

Has anyone else been turned off by the current stream of leotards offered by the big stores? Like… not only are some of them bizarre and weirdly flamboyant they’re down right expensive! A luxurious leotard used to be about $35 when I started 5-6 years ago. Now $35 is the standard for something with a little character. $40-100 is now normal for a high end leo! What the what?! Even my neighborhood dance store is selling old 80s leotards for $30 since they still have inventory! I ended up buying a pretty so-so yet far more interesting than a classic cami leo. It was $32. I don’t mind cami leos but I still like a little style . And when did decide to only cater to the younger kids?


The cold also is bothering my surgical leg making me even more stuff. I also have to renew my license and my Husband has gotten me up earlier than I’m used to to try and make it to the DMV to get in and out with new photos and stuff. I just… been a Mrs. Grumpypants guys. Ughh… so disappointed in myself.

That is how things are going for me now- lol


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