Is it May Yet?

NO! Thank God, I’d seriously be in trouble. It IS around the corner thought. I haven’t told you all, but my Husband and I decided after Japan that we should try and get one more big trip done before… before… before spawning small child things. Kids to me are a half “OMG what are you thinking; giving up sleeping in and freedom?!” and half “OMG a mini me with half my genetics – adorbs!” I know it will be worth it though, I see many of the wee ones in dance and at the Library and they spark a lot of enthusiasm in me. They are so energetic and very thirsty for knowledge. And when I teach them in dance, my heart sings when I see them take correction!!!

Anyways- yes… one last trip. EUROPE! We had to narrow down how we went to Europe. We’re hitting London for a few days, Spend 4 days in Austria, a weekend in Monaco, and wrap up the end of the trip with several days in France, where we might train back over to London… or Euro Disney. Don’t know which. Deciding how we feel after spending all that time in Europe.

As my luck would have it, there doesn’t seem to be a single time available to watch a ballet. Because it’s May, near the end of the season for most Companies, there’s little going on. I just… no luck! Not even when we land in NY! There will be ballets, but we wanted a classic piece to watch. So… yea. I’m kind of SOL on that ballet front. (The new Frankenstein ballet at the ROH is showing the day we leave, and Mayerling is starting the day we fly out to Monaco in Austria. UGH… UGH right?! Mayerling IN Austria…*kicksselfrepeatedly*) I’m not sure how I feel about taking classes in Europe. I’m more sensitive about my tattoo showing these days in foreign countries. While America is very accepting of it, I’m always self aware in other countries. Any recommendations while in Paris/Versailles or Vienna? I’m not even sure if I’ll make it out to a class because I’ll be so exhausted, but it’d also be an experience. Dance shops and other cool things I wanna know! Maybe I’ll go to a dance store in London and get me a pair of well fitted Freeds! Also Gaynor when I get to NY! *wavesgoodbyetomymoney*

On another note- I am sick. I’ve drawn out this bug combatting it but I seemed to have finally succumbed as I’m far more stuffy sounding, sneezing frequently, and blowing my nose often. Books are dirty things y’all. I’m defending myself with vitamins and zinc. Plenty of water, and trying to rest when I can. Tomorrow is ballet though… will I make it? I could just sit and watch class. What’s the fun in that(I mean it is, but not getting to do it is a little worse.)

Also, I’ll have you know I’m back in PT. My calf, achilles, and ankle were SO tight and so uncomfortable, and it was all janky to the point where everything isn’t working properly so you get this phantom pain that feels like a sprained ankle but it isn’t. Just contorted muscles. So I’m working on my PT again. Lots of clams, I again must learn to embrace thee. Single leg bridges too- guys that stuff is hard! My plie is still… getting there but it’s a little better. I want to think back in how I could’ve done things differently. And I’ve registered my mistakes- but there’s no turning back time y’know. Keep moving forward and fix what you can now. I’m not beyond help that’s for sure! It’s just a long and slow process made slower by my laziness. Let that be a lesson to the young and old! Keep at it like it’s life support until you are 99% better. Surgery recovery needs to be taken seriously if you want to be nearly what you once were!

Erreboddy. Thanks for continuing to read my blog! I’m sorry about sporadic updates. I’m still dancing! I’m still striving, but as an adult dancer things are difficult, amiright? Things bubble up in priority past Ballet, despite Ballet being that one thing that you actually really need in life. I hope it’ll change and it’ll be one of my biggest priorities again very, very soon.