Your Neighborhood Shoe Dealer

I was stretching before class today, and watched as another adult dancer started pedling her unwanted slightly broken in pointe shoes. To people who were no where ready for shoes. Ummmmmm… 
I also clashed with a dancer I’ve mentioned on here before. The over zealous dancer. The one who leaps out the door because there just isn’t enough room for her to execute her combination like the rest of us 9.9 we were doing pique turns, and I’ll admit I was the back dancer so I should be more aware. But she literally decided she didn’t have enough room in the front of her and started going straight into my path(horizontally across the stage). Woman. There’s a reason you don’t start that far forward in the diagonal to begin with. Also check your diagonal to see if you have space. You also have more than enough room to not smack hands with me 3 times!! If the first hit didn’t warn you your direction was wrong I can’t help you :/ Then criticize me after we finish. Listen lady, you ain’t all that and a bag o chips. She’s previously barked at people for standing in her way at the barre/mirror, also she goes in and claims a spot on the barre AND floor. With a water bottle. I almost picked it up today wondering why there was a water bottle in the middle of the floor. GOD! This isn’t your private class!! Aughhhhh!! I shouldn’t be aggravated after a good class! Especially after I started really fixing my problems from Saturday! *mentableflip* RAWR!!!!

I Want My Plié Back!

Two more classes before Summer course is over. UGH.

I’m happy and sad at the same time.

I’ve made some decent progress since returning to dance. My stamina is coming back, my muscle tone is returning, my turns are doing pretty great. Just working my little heart out to improve like everyone else is. That makes me all happy and sing song.

Then you mess up on a few things. Because you’re still not fully healed. And even though it’s been more or less 10 months since my surgery. My plié still needs to be coaxed with a lot of stretching, massage, and heat to get some function back. I still don’t have my plié to where it was. I can’t get my achilles unstuck yet! Like if I press my bent knee against the wall to see how far my big toe is from the wall, I get 2 inches. Left side has like 6 inches. YOU GUYS THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING. Last week I’ve been trying to do a tour assemble and I can’t land properly for two major reasons right now. I’m not spotting and my body is self protecting it’s tight achilles. I’ve been landing horribly!


So I’m happy class will be over after next Saturday. I’m also glad to have the self induced pressure off myself. I will PROMISE myself to work hard in stretching every day of the break. Work on my strengthening exercises. Lets try and get my plie back!

Summer Dancing and Somber news

It feels like it’s been a whole month since I danced last. Actually, it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks. So… classes at the PNB start again today. I’ll be going for a regimen of Tuesday and Saturday time permitting. My body feels VERY out of shape, so I’m very excited to be going back. While I’ve not been in class, I pestered my friends who were in Vancouver, WA for the SunKing dance intensive. This year’s group was nearly 30. Last year was 40+. I envied everyone, but knew the reasons withholding me from it were best. Recovery still from my surgery and $$ It’s just so expensive to stay a whole week at a hotel, even split between someone, eat out at restaurants (no kitchenettes) and pay for the classes. I’m hoping next year to attend their “teacher” oriented one for those who are or are aspiring to be teachers. It’s located in Richmond, VA. So that’ll be a new place to tic off my list of places to visit.

In more somber news, I had a very sad 4th. The 3rd was concluded with having to put down my cat of 15 years. The cat my Husband and I have shared, nurtured, and loved since the beginning of our relationship. While it was the right thing to do for Him, it’s a very sore subject for us that pesters us persistently. Especially at home were we catch shadows and glimpses of him still in our life. We’re adamant about talking bout our feelings, no matter how absurd to each other and telling others openly as it seems to help ease our feelings. Fourth of July was very raw emotionally for us. We woke up with the memories of the previous evening still fresh and stinging in our minds. We canceled plans to visit friends and preoccupied our brains with a movie marathon all day and most of the night. Snuggled our dog to help him with his anxiety of the fireworks. Then called it a night with our remaining cat. While the wounds are still very deep, they don’t sting so badly. We’re taking our time with it all, and have no plans currently of adopting again until maybe after our trip to Japan.

Dance Skirts! Finally!

Alright you guys, I FINALLY put up the skirts. SO late. Like, these were ready months ago. I’ve just been dragging my feet.



There’s plenty more in the store, snap them up before them whipper snappers do.

Lately I’ve felt a little at odds with dance. I think it’s because I keep thinking negative thoughts about what I want to do that’s kind of spiraled me out of control. BUT, hopefully I’ve pulled myself out of it and and pulling back up on the controls. I’m going to class again, and making an effort to drive to Seattle on Saturday mornings. It’s fun taking a late morning class! So refreshing. I’m refocusing on my at home physical therapy needs since I’ve neglected them. If my skirts do well I’ll try again to rekindle my efforts for them, but it’s a possibility they be my last batch. Lets think positive thoughts though! To anyone who keeps reading and keeps following – thanks. I really appreciate it.

Etude House Dreaming Swan LE collection

If anyone is a makeup buff, a Korean brand is selling a limited edition collection of very cute products themed for ballet/swan lake.


There’s a variety of colors with matching lip sticks. I believe there’s also highlighters and nail polishes. You can find them through eBay and amazon if you’re interested in picking up these lovely whimsical sets. I love how even the powders are pressed with ballet images. I would LOVE to have some pieces, especially the coral set (my favorite colors to wear) but I’m saving to go to Japan. SO… I’m abstaining. Doesn’t mean you can’t buy some for yourself and covet! If you do, let me know what you got and how you like love them!

Update on Extension Goals

So I had a goal for extensions. That due date has come and gone, and unfortunately I didn’t get very far. BUT surgery did help with my extensions in a sense. I did stretch my right leg more. I did build stronger holding pelvic muscles to keep up that dead weight while crutching about. My extension on my right is past 90° now. Just focusing in on turning out more. My left side is all sad and needs work. I know I can get it better, I know I can I know I can. Take that Thomas the Train!

Also, I did NO ballet photos on my vacation in May. Whoa… shows how much dance I’m NOT doing. No arabesque shot on the beach at all?! What’s wrong with me?!

DD why you do this to me?!

Ugh… Just like that you end up with 4 new pairs of dance tights. Dance supply websites are a dangerous place. Doesn’t help they were $1.50+ for each pair… WAAAT? (I got me 2 pairs of caramel and black stirrup colored tights for $10 with shipping. AMAZING. I can even wear it for winter time *sparklyeyes*)

Today I’m in Seattle going to go to PNB! I didn’t start the morning out right though. Lots of migraine symptoms affecting me. Was a no bueno scenario. I have NOT been keeping up with my at home PT regime… but I’ll try and work harder on that. Try.

It’s also really late, but I have 9 skirts, 10 if I get this last skirt finished and photographed ready to put on my etsy store. Just in time for summer intensives. I feel I have a good selection of colors, varying lengths, and textures. I hope everyone likes them. I’m trying to get those up asap. You guys I’m so bad at running a business, *whinecomplain* someone do it for me… RP. You’re good at everything. Do it for me *whine*

Anyways… life has been boring.

Spring has Sprung


Spring has sprung uncharacteristically early here in Seattle. Yesterday it was in the upper 60s and that was just… preposterous. Disgusting weather for March. Should be stormy, wet, cool and overcast. What is this abomination of green sprigs, sing song birds chirping away, and sunlight. HISSSssssSSsSssSss…

I digress… I spent the entire winter going through surgery and recovery. Now I’m ready and officially by medical experts, to go back to class. Next Thursday will be the last time I see my surgeon concerning this surgery. I had my last PT on Thursday, it was sad to part ways but c’est la vie. I took this photo afterwords, you can see my right foot is irritated and a little swollen.

It’s now up to me to stretch, restrengthen, and visit as many classes as possible. I can be en pointe, do some ecchappes, bourres, mostly things on two feet. I tried doing a turn en pointe the other day and that was a fail. It’s still too tender on the inside to support all of ones’ weight. I have been back to class, but it’s a class with little artistic integrity. I’m nearly put into tears as we rarely if ever listen to any classical music, adagio is not an adagio, and there is a serious lack of correction. It’s just to get my back to class, start working my body and all that good jazz before I go back to real demanding classes. I’m dying to go to the PNB. First though I’d like to be able to plie. While I can, it’s still very restricted, so I’ll be working on that a lot.

What else? My foot, my scar, my surgery all memories now. What a struggle it was the first month. Showers and baths were lame. So much easier to stand, but to stand with out your foot swelling, or pain when weight is applied, even better! My scar is nothing I’m ashamed of. I don’t think it’s particularly pretty, I don’t think it’s ugly. It’s just “matter of fact”. It reminds me of a hibiscus stamen(how I remembered the term stamen is amazing but now I’ll forever forget). I’ve gotten one interesting double take at a shoe store so far, but I didn’t feel offended. People can think whatever, don’t care. The only complexity I find when I tell people I’ve had ankle surgery is comprehension of spare bones in the body. Also if I just generally say ” I had surgery” they think the worst. Like I had some life changing diagnosis. Much easier to say ” I had an elective surgery to remove unnecessary bones causing me pain”. They still don’t understand how the pain works but I have not yet figured a way to translate for people to understand the pain and sensation of a bone grinding between your joints. If you don’t have this congenital defect or haven’t agitated it, there’s no real way to understand. I’m happy to share but once people start listening to me they check out because they can’t relate. So that’s frustrating… I guess being an anatomical/medical nerd isn’t helpful. I still have numbness but gradually as time progresses it becomes less so. Not as annoying as when I first noticed it. Certain shoes rub at the scar/numb area and cause sporadic pain to shoot around my foot and toes. I have elected to not wear those shoes yet. I still make time to poke, touch, annoy, and prickle my numb/scar spot to a) wake it up and b) not get sensation shock when feeling does come back. My PT told me stories of people who didn’t prep themselves and it was so overwhelming to go back to shoes they once felt comfortable in. Or to just rub it when your other foot how bizarre and uncomfortable it became. Creates a psychosis. I’m on top of it, my mental thinking is that the more I fidget with it the more it’ll be normal. While I’m not unnecessarily rough, I’m not unnecessarily kind either.

The one thing I’ve walked away with so far after all this, is how strong my muscle is for my right extension. Before surgery I could do with a lot of effort a little more than a 90°. Now, I can easily developpé past 90° and hold for an extended period of time. My left side is way weaker as standing on the surgical foot is not as strong especially with my numbness. I’ll work on it though of course 🙂

Lately, I’ve also been wanting to wear fashion shoes more than my orthotic sneakers. My feet appreciate the high arches of heels. It’s also helping to restrengthen and build the muscles around my sesamoids as they had disintegrated during my recovery. Something seems to have switched in me that I want to wear heeled boots more often these days than my sneakers. I can’t say why yet… I have been on a shoe buying binge hurr hurr… Pretty shoes…

As for my splits and extensions, I’ve only got the small improvement to report lol. I’ll try to refocus. I’m waiting for a day where I’m not exhausted and it’s not windy out to dye some new skirts. As well as take photo shots soon for spring/summer pieces for my etsy store. So stay tuned!