Beginning of the Year

Open Classes started last week here in Seattle. Saturdays are the worst, after class is finished teenagers come thronging in and the boys of course are super polite but the girls just come on through with their pointe shoes on and you worry you’re going to have your feet stamped on.

We had a three week break. I was able to get in two classes with my mentor though! That was lovely. Also for some reason I was more sore from my Mentor’s class than I am from PNB.

Saturday classes at the PNB are my favorite now. This teacher is very encouraging. Before we went on break she had us do a combination like normal than reverse it. I was able to do it, but I can tell all the work I need to do because I keep rolling up my hands like a weirdo because I’m thinking so hard.

The beginning class is very beginning right now. I feel bad for taking it but my achilles is still stiff. It’s getting better and better though. Still not 100% Can you guys believe it will be a year in November since my Os Trigonum surgery? Anyways… Tuesday class is full of fabulous new people, I hope they stick with it. I love watching them learn. Also, I can’t not take this class. My favorite pianist is playing it so I’m staying!

Right now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve got dance, I’m cramming as much of the japanese language into my brain, I have a lot of unfinished projects that I need to complete for sale, and am getting inquiries on dance skirts as well. It’s a little hard to juggle it currently. Not to complain, just feeling everything is coming all at once. I am angry with myself for not working harder over the summer when I knew my deadline would be up during this time. At least I’ve got what I want to take with me to Japan all planned out. I’m feeling really good and comfortable about all that at least.

It’s just tidying up before I leave. We just secured a house/pet sitter. I guess I should really just hunker down and get work done.

Well! You’ve all been pretty much updated on life currently. I will let you guys know I plan on checking out the Yumiko Leotard retail location in Japan as well as Repetto!! I’ll update you guys when I get more. Also you guys are hilarious about my last post. Thanks for making me laugh!

OH! Also last year when I was dancing at SKD I got to dance with a male dancer from the OBT who had also previously trained in SF. HE’S NOW A DANCER AT THE PNB!!!! I knew he was going places, he’s so wonderful! When summer classes started this year I could hear all the Nutcracker work going on. I was not excited to hear it personally lol. Little kids are now getting their assignments for Nutcracker. So it’s all hustle and bustle of kids and Nutcracker business at the PNB.

A History

Ballet is an old art form. Royal Ballet has been doing educational seminars, which is awesome! It helps modernize ballet, make those unfamiliar with it familiar and understanding of why ballet is the way it is. The Royal Opera House is doing a marvelous job in staying current and being one of the best places to be a dancer and or part of the arts ie. opera, stage creation, costume design, etc.! Lucky for us they’ve been sharing this on their popular YouTube channel! Like I said, they’re getting hip with it maaaaaan. Hah! So I share with yee, some ballet history performed by the Royal Ballet.


Ballet Evolved






Degas Era ballet :


1940-50s Royal Ballet

Royal Danish

Vaganova (painful plies and tenuds! OMG)

National Ballet of Cuba

Chinese National Ballet


“Major” Methods of Ballet, an article of quirks that make a method recognizable.



I’ve been struggling a little with my battements. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I can remember that we did 3 consecutively after doing two slow ones. I stumbled upon this video of girls working on their battements on the floor and I thought it was a great idea to help strengthen my core and my hip flexors. It’ll also increase and/or keep up my flexibility. I can’t wait to try these!