It’s been a while

I had my late honeymoon in end of October beginning of November. It was a beautiful, fast paced, and pavement pounding two weeks. Because of the time change I really got hammered. Not just because of sleep schedule, but eating schedule. It made me feel full and congested and irritated. My whole schedule was off and it was affecting my trip. Regardless, my Husband and I had a grand time. My Husband more so than me! Before we even got on the plane bound for home he went “I want to come back now.” I’m like – we haven’t even left!

Because I wasn’t in the best of moods there, and tired from walking and standing 12+ hours through out the day. I didn’t get to a lot of places I wanted to. I think it also didn’t help during that time I started fighting a viral or bacterial infection in one of my lymph nodes under my chin. I noticed the sensitivity on the flight to Japan but disregarded it for the trip. I think it also made me suffer exhaustion. I really wasn’t a happy camper. Which I feel bad about! I’m still dealing with the infection today. It doesn’t make me horribly sick, just a swollen neck at times. Which is good. I had a blood test and everything checks out ok (didn’t nearly faint this time!)

So anyways, I was only able to pop into the Repetto store in Ginza. Ginza is this FANCY shopping district. LV, Hermes, all the fancy name brands hang out in that area. Repetto not only sells pointe shoes but their designer leather shoes and bags. Their latest collection is amazing! Tres chic! I digress- The store is two stories with fashion shoes downstairs and pointe shoes upstairs. Their english was great! I could explain to her in complex terms in english that I needed a low profile shoe, 3/4 shank, and a narrow box. I tried three shoes, and came away with the Julieta. Which is described on their website as a “student” shoe. While some might think that’s a draw back, it’s actually really great. Especially someone like me who has a high arch and long toes. This allows me greater ease to get up on my platform with little effort. If I had a super hard helluva shank that was stiff through and through, I wouldn’t be able to easily roll up or be pulled back. It’s important to know how your foot works and in pointe shoes to get the right pair!

As I walked away after my fitting, I was surprised that the fitter bowed and thanked me! I was embarrassed because I was going to come back upstairs to purchase the shoes, just wanted to look downstairs. She caught me off guard and even brought the shoes downstairs so the girls there could check me out. I was a lot self conscious about my foot tattoo, but she didn’t make a comment or any surprised reaction. She dutifully helped me with my shoes. They also provided me knee high ballet tights to wear and had padding available too, but I brought me own. I did over pointe in one pair and wobbled forward, as one with bendy feet do- that was embarrassing! I was  a little flustered there to say the least! Stressed about how offensive I was being coming in with no socks, having a foot tattoo, and does she think I’m crazy or is she forgiving me because I’m a foreigner? Do I have bad manners and I don’t know it! So many crazy anxious thoughts…

The store was beautifully laid out. Wood flooring, mirrored walls with built in shelving. When you go up the stairs to the second floor the first thing you see on your right is a wall of cubbies filled with pointe shoes! The upper entrance if I remember correctly had red velvet curtains on either side of the door way. Limited warm up gear, dance bags, leotards and such was hung around the room. In the right corner after you get up from the stairs is another wall of cubbies full of pointe shoes, a ladder, a barre situated over an oval red carpet. A bench, and a mirror. It was so easy to try the shoes, and I was so nervous! The first pair I tried were far too large haha! That’s normally the case for me. Anyways, it was a great experience and I walked away happy and giddy. So much so forgot that we were going to look around more. But this was near the end of our trip and we were exhausted. I wish we didn’t have to run around everywhere. Next time we visit we’ll try and make it more relaxed.


So tonight I have dance with my mentor! I haven’t consistently danced since I got back from Japan. So I am WEAK and lame, and going to SUCK. So here I go!


One of the favorites

While I have been attending class frequently. I should update you on progress… but I wanted to share something special.

This is Gavin. She’s a wonderful teacher I met through SKD. A lot of her narration really resonates with me. So I wanted to share it with you all. Also begin freaking out over her fabulous muscle control, and just pure beauty of her dance!

Beginning of the Year

Open Classes started last week here in Seattle. Saturdays are the worst, after class is finished teenagers come thronging in and the boys of course are super polite but the girls just come on through with their pointe shoes on and you worry you’re going to have your feet stamped on.

We had a three week break. I was able to get in two classes with my mentor though! That was lovely. Also for some reason I was more sore from my Mentor’s class than I am from PNB.

Saturday classes at the PNB are my favorite now. This teacher is very encouraging. Before we went on break she had us do a combination like normal than reverse it. I was able to do it, but I can tell all the work I need to do because I keep rolling up my hands like a weirdo because I’m thinking so hard.

The beginning class is very beginning right now. I feel bad for taking it but my achilles is still stiff. It’s getting better and better though. Still not 100% Can you guys believe it will be a year in November since my Os Trigonum surgery? Anyways… Tuesday class is full of fabulous new people, I hope they stick with it. I love watching them learn. Also, I can’t not take this class. My favorite pianist is playing it so I’m staying!

Right now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve got dance, I’m cramming as much of the japanese language into my brain, I have a lot of unfinished projects that I need to complete for sale, and am getting inquiries on dance skirts as well. It’s a little hard to juggle it currently. Not to complain, just feeling everything is coming all at once. I am angry with myself for not working harder over the summer when I knew my deadline would be up during this time. At least I’ve got what I want to take with me to Japan all planned out. I’m feeling really good and comfortable about all that at least.

It’s just tidying up before I leave. We just secured a house/pet sitter. I guess I should really just hunker down and get work done.

Well! You’ve all been pretty much updated on life currently. I will let you guys know I plan on checking out the Yumiko Leotard retail location in Japan as well as Repetto!! I’ll update you guys when I get more. Also you guys are hilarious about my last post. Thanks for making me laugh!

OH! Also last year when I was dancing at SKD I got to dance with a male dancer from the OBT who had also previously trained in SF. HE’S NOW A DANCER AT THE PNB!!!! I knew he was going places, he’s so wonderful! When summer classes started this year I could hear all the Nutcracker work going on. I was not excited to hear it personally lol. Little kids are now getting their assignments for Nutcracker. So it’s all hustle and bustle of kids and Nutcracker business at the PNB.

Your Neighborhood Shoe Dealer

I was stretching before class today, and watched as another adult dancer started pedling her unwanted slightly broken in pointe shoes. To people who were no where ready for shoes. Ummmmmm… 
I also clashed with a dancer I’ve mentioned on here before. The over zealous dancer. The one who leaps out the door because there just isn’t enough room for her to execute her combination like the rest of us 9.9 we were doing pique turns, and I’ll admit I was the back dancer so I should be more aware. But she literally decided she didn’t have enough room in the front of her and started going straight into my path(horizontally across the stage). Woman. There’s a reason you don’t start that far forward in the diagonal to begin with. Also check your diagonal to see if you have space. You also have more than enough room to not smack hands with me 3 times!! If the first hit didn’t warn you your direction was wrong I can’t help you :/ Then criticize me after we finish. Listen lady, you ain’t all that and a bag o chips. She’s previously barked at people for standing in her way at the barre/mirror, also she goes in and claims a spot on the barre AND floor. With a water bottle. I almost picked it up today wondering why there was a water bottle in the middle of the floor. GOD! This isn’t your private class!! Aughhhhh!! I shouldn’t be aggravated after a good class! Especially after I started really fixing my problems from Saturday! *mentableflip* RAWR!!!!

I Want My Plié Back!

Two more classes before Summer course is over. UGH.

I’m happy and sad at the same time.

I’ve made some decent progress since returning to dance. My stamina is coming back, my muscle tone is returning, my turns are doing pretty great. Just working my little heart out to improve like everyone else is. That makes me all happy and sing song.

Then you mess up on a few things. Because you’re still not fully healed. And even though it’s been more or less 10 months since my surgery. My plié still needs to be coaxed with a lot of stretching, massage, and heat to get some function back. I still don’t have my plié to where it was. I can’t get my achilles unstuck yet! Like if I press my bent knee against the wall to see how far my big toe is from the wall, I get 2 inches. Left side has like 6 inches. YOU GUYS THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING. Last week I’ve been trying to do a tour assemble and I can’t land properly for two major reasons right now. I’m not spotting and my body is self protecting it’s tight achilles. I’ve been landing horribly!


So I’m happy class will be over after next Saturday. I’m also glad to have the self induced pressure off myself. I will PROMISE myself to work hard in stretching every day of the break. Work on my strengthening exercises. Lets try and get my plie back!

Summer Dancing and Somber news

It feels like it’s been a whole month since I danced last. Actually, it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks. So… classes at the PNB start again today. I’ll be going for a regimen of Tuesday and Saturday time permitting. My body feels VERY out of shape, so I’m very excited to be going back. While I’ve not been in class, I pestered my friends who were in Vancouver, WA for the SunKing dance intensive. This year’s group was nearly 30. Last year was 40+. I envied everyone, but knew the reasons withholding me from it were best. Recovery still from my surgery and $$ It’s just so expensive to stay a whole week at a hotel, even split between someone, eat out at restaurants (no kitchenettes) and pay for the classes. I’m hoping next year to attend their “teacher” oriented one for those who are or are aspiring to be teachers. It’s located in Richmond, VA. So that’ll be a new place to tic off my list of places to visit.

In more somber news, I had a very sad 4th. The 3rd was concluded with having to put down my cat of 15 years. The cat my Husband and I have shared, nurtured, and loved since the beginning of our relationship. While it was the right thing to do for Him, it’s a very sore subject for us that pesters us persistently. Especially at home were we catch shadows and glimpses of him still in our life. We’re adamant about talking bout our feelings, no matter how absurd to each other and telling others openly as it seems to help ease our feelings. Fourth of July was very raw emotionally for us. We woke up with the memories of the previous evening still fresh and stinging in our minds. We canceled plans to visit friends and preoccupied our brains with a movie marathon all day and most of the night. Snuggled our dog to help him with his anxiety of the fireworks. Then called it a night with our remaining cat. While the wounds are still very deep, they don’t sting so badly. We’re taking our time with it all, and have no plans currently of adopting again until maybe after our trip to Japan.