Os Trigonum Recovery, Sutures Out!

I’d like to say how good it is to have my sutures out, but that was such an awkward sensation and feeling as they were clipped and removed. I think I may have liked it better if I watched because it felt like WEIRD things were being pulled out of me. I couldn’t help but think alien abduction horror stories during the procedure. Kinda don’t want to experience that again.

Either way, it’s a GREAT sign for me on the road of recovery. I’m now allowed to put weight on my foot, mind you not full weight. It was actually funny when I was allowed to put weight on it. We get me officially set up in my walking cast, your leg has to be inserted at a 90° angle which surprisingly I achieved easily. He asked if I was in discomfort as we strapped me in. “Nope.” I replied. He pulled out this old, giant 1950s personal weight scale. I had always wondered what that thing was there for. While on my crutches my job was to put as much weight as I can manage with my “bad” foot on the scale. So I go *stomp* 40lbs. All the while he was trying to preface with “sometimes you can manage 10, or 20, depends. Maybe you’ll need padding at your heel because you’re not ready to feel flat footed yet etc. Just put what you can.” After his shocked assessment he had me repeat pulling off weight and reapplying it to 40 lbs. After about five or so tries at it my ankle started to hurt. It just wasn’t ready to bear that much weight for an extended period. So we dropped it down to 30. That, I achieved successfully in walking. Which is like, really barely at all walking in my shoe. I still need to do it as an exercise, walk around the house at 30lbs. Haha! I’M WALKING! Honestly it’s just hobbling with crutches.

Also with sutures being removed, that means I get to wear bandaids for the next 3 days and then- NONE at all! I can submerge my foot into water *weep* Today was actually the first day I washed my foot since the surgery. Gross I know but it was pretty hard otherwise and knowing my Husband he would have gotten water on me anyways. I have to keep wrapping my ankle in that spongy soft brightly colored wrap. They often use it for animals, the humans get boring plain or bright colors. We have to buy our own for me to wrap my ankle in and I’m attempting to order vet versions because THEY COME IN COOL PATTERNS. There’s a safari one, they have camo for some reason, and paw prints, as well as stars and hearts. WHY DON’T THEY MAKE THESE FOR HUMANS. Ehh… it doesn’t matter so says my Dr. He said that it was okay to buy the vet ones since they’re the same. He usually refers people to buy the vet ones because they’re cheaper for some reason. I’m excited for that.

For the first time after my appointment, even though my ankle was kinda killing me. We stopped at the mall! Broke out my handicap placard. Almost got ran over by an old lady in a prius trying to park next to us in the other handicap spot. AND WENT AND GOT A BURGER. I usually am begging my husband to take me straight home after the appointments because it’s really exhausting. Yet every day and every visit I feel more and more like my old self and the physical therapy is going to be tiresome but I’ll get it done! I will be back to dancing in no time. I think that’s really the biggest drive of it all, is just to get back to dancing. While I waste away here (my thigh has now begun to atrophy. It hurts to cross my legs or rest my good leg on my bad because it’s so bony and there’s no cushion, it’s bone on bone- yick!) I have not necessarily missed the feeling of dance. Even when I have working feet I miss swaying and movement. Somehow though my body feels reserved, knows that it’s better to not move around and ruin my surgery and recovery. So I lay still every day. Work on my CPM machine, do my tiny physical therapy exercises and dream of going to see the nutcracker performances by my fellow old classmates and my old student. As well as try and get to the Seahawks game that we bought tickets for on the 28th!

Those are like, my short term goals. I WANNA GO TO THE SEAHAWKS!!! RAWR!

Also a big shout out to AdultBeginner who featured my etsy store on her blog! All this sitting here at home doing nothing has helped me secure a line of products I want to make for spring. So I hope you’ll bear with me until I update it for y’all. Thanks AB!