So cruel!!

I’ve been withholding. Bad ballerina, bad! I’ll start with recent and go backwards.

Last Thursday, I spent an hour en pointe after not being en pointe for two weeks. Walked away EXHAUSTED. I remember focusing/concentrating SO hard on not slipping on pointe in piques across the floor.  It was crazy hard. We also practiced something at the barre, which I forget the name of, and I’ve seen in other barre warm ups. You do two battements forward, en cloche to the back, do two battements, then en cloche to the front, two battements to the side and then swing your leg in towards the barre moving your hip along kinda like an envelopé and then developé out. Close back in fifth dedan.

Overall, teacher is getting me ready for doing pique turns across he floor en pointe- say whaaaaaat?!

Also by the end of class the in sole of my right pointe shoe was scrunching up under my heel! DIFFICULT TO DANCE. So I bought Jet glue, only to find out it’s a giant bottle of super glue.

Today I’m so excited because my Dad is wrapping up his visit with me :(((( but he’s coming to my ballet class and will watch me dance since he had to miss my summer recital. Yay! Dance dance dance.

As brief and nondescript as this is of my summer classes, it’s what I got.

While a lot of people stand in 5th position, so I’ve read, I often find myself standing in B+