Frustrations with WordPress

WordPress has been irking me. They always have. I have an iPhone, and when the iOS gets updated, wordpress fails to keep up. It has consistently been crappy for two weeks to a month as the WordPress team hammers out their issues with their updates. SO. I use my iPhone A LOT for my blogging. So after the latest update, the app on my phone – AGAIN – has wiped out my reader’s list. So when I’m out and about and have a free moment. I can’t access it unless I log into the actual site. Where hey, all of my peeps on my reading list are there. I’m lucky that AB links her WP posts on twitter and RP uses blogspot (which is a BIOTCH to comment on by phone). SO I haven’t been frequenting my blog too much.

In other news, surgery is slated for November 12th. I have a phone interview (??) with my anesthesiologist on Friday. Where no doubt I will profess my utter fear of IV needles. I do not fear needles, but I have issues with foreign objects staying IN my body. Too many UFO shows as a kid I think.

Ballet is slow, with the one class. With the unenthusiastic ballet teacher. With boring choreography. The only thing I like about it is that it’s “jagged” movements. So it’s almost contemporary. But very un artistic. The biggest PDB you’ve ever seen. The slowest changements I’ve done since teacher assisting. I have been wearing my pointe shoes to class, just can’t let them get stale. My ankle hasn’t been bothering me, but that could just be now that my ankle is used to being enflamed again I don’t know that it’s pained or irritated. I’m lucky it doesn’t swell horribly. It’s not sore the next morning or anything. So I think my body is just used to it again. If I started dancing 20+ hours a week again, no doubt I’d be a hot mess again. Just the one class a week though seems to keep me in “meh” shape. I miss classical music. I miss doing classical ballet. *weeps* I miss my Mentor who is lavishing herself in Spain right now! AUGHHH!! Trying to keep it together. *huffhuff*

Last night’s class was a drag. I was a little distracted. Not being focused on ballet is irritating, especially while you’re doing it. It made for a lackluster class, even as lackluster as it is!!! I want to go back to PNB ;.;

(UGH, all my tags are gone! *throwsabookatWP*)