No Go says my feet

My new GM do not work. Even though the shoe is tight and snug when my foot is cold. As soon as my foot is warmed up I sank horribly. Like all of a sudden my foot had this opportunity to just fold in on itself! I think my foot literally curls and the trick is to find a low profiled shoe that will keep my metatarsals flat. Even though Gaynors are a very low profiled shoe.

I’m going to try a few fitting methods but I’m not sure they’ll work. Otherwise I’ll continue to wear my Grishkos.

I’m also taking a break to Vegas. See my Dad, dance some more at that awesome studio. Go get fitted there see if there are any shoes that work. Relax a little with my Husband.

Sounds like for the market I have in my area and the US for such thin compressible feet the Grishkos will be my only bet.

I still want to try the freeds. They didn’t feel clunky like grishkos. No doubt why the box in freeds would break down easier.

Why feet why?! I hope my future children’s feet aren’t so impossible!

Shoe Update



I bought new shoes. Finally being realistic, my GMs were not sized correctly. I was having issues feeling my toes after a while and realized it was affecting my dancing. So now I have smaller thinner and narrower GM shoes. They fit like a glove.

I also was able to try a decent pair of Freeds that we’re not ginormous and made my feet look GORGEOUS. It was extremely hard to pull up and not fall forward.

I also bought some new feet accessories to protect my outside bunion. One of the big issues I have with shoes and special metatarsal supporting wings. Hate. Now with my jelly toes, I hopefully won’t get any more blisters on my right pinky toe.

I’m very tempted to get a pair of the freeds, they look so nice but break down so easily. Hopefully the GM will work wonders now that they fit.

My Dog’s toes smell like Fritos.

Dying to make these


I dip dyed ballet wrap skirts! Wrap skirts I made. I’m getting ready to overhaul and make a big update to my etsy store!

These skirts are still WIP as they need to be washed now.

I hope you’re all excited about them as I am 😀