Disgustingly Sick

So I picked up a nasty bug from PA. I have been bed ridden the last few days. It’s horrible. I was able to get through class on Monday, but apparently that was a mistake. I haven’t had ballet for a week and a half now. AUGHHHH!! I will go to rehearsals on Saturday though. I already missed last week, can’t miss it again. I won’t be able to do much but but at least I can observe changes and maybe be a place holder for what we’re doing.

What’s worse, is it’s not only me that’s sick, but also my Husband. We are both down for the count and it has not been fun. How I long to be back in dancing, except my bones hurt and ache so bad from this cold. I strongly will it to stop and leave me be *weep*

You’re Dead to Me


Out with the old, in with the new! My Bloch Axis I got in June on the left, and my new ones I just “broke” in on the right. Waiting for me to sew the elastic and ribbons in. I need them for tomorrow morning but I’m so tired. Ughhhhh… Wake up on time to get these done.

I was do frustrated with the old ones his evening because they wouldn’t support me at all. I was doing so poorly in class and I chalked it up to my shank being dead to me. It wasn’t like killer dead for some people, but for me it was enough to really affect how I danced especially away from the barre.

I’m now concerned about how long these will last, if long enough for nutcracker? Maybe not! I need to have at least two viable pairs of shoes for performance. I may need to look into a stronger shoe. I’m just not up to searching for another shoe right now. Bluhhh. Anyways, I should be sewing or sleeping right now!

Shout Out!

This dancer sounds a lot like me, Remedial Ballerina. Trying to discover the perfect pointe shoe, starting dance up again at 25. She’s so much more eloquent and productive in providing pointe shoe/feet information. I can only aspire to be so informative. This is where I kick myself repeatedly for not being better. C’est la vie! Also I kick myself for not being good about updating my links on the side. YOU CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN! BA-HAHAHA!!


I’m down right exhausted. 6 days of dancing, one day of rest. It’s all starting to creep up on me. Even my knees which haven’t bothered me for a long time, are beginning to painfully express themselves.

I do however, have a reprieve! A stressful one, but one that doesn’t include dancing. My Pennsylvania trip is coming up a week from today! I will be on a plane at 7am and spend forever in the air, hang out in Colorado briefly, then land in Pennsylvania! A place I’ve never been. Ideally I’d like to take a class there, meet people, see the sites and visit NY. I doubt I’ll get any of that done since I will be strictly on a wedding schedule. Saturday, after the wedding, may be a “free” day. Knowing though my reaction after my wedding on the following Saturday, you are burnt out. You can barely gnash your breakfast. Our groomsmen were also just- completely zoned out. It was a lovely morning though and as we packed our car to make our get away, saw 3 brides all at once! WOW. So glad I had done a Friday.


That’s what’s coming up. Rehearsals are fun but I’m so tired physically, and there’s so much choreography I’m cramming into my brain at once I’m just overwhelmed a little. Here’s hoping that my break of Philly will really feel like a break!


Faster than last year, I will be Snow Flower, Arabian, Russian, and the Doll solo. A very busy girl I will be. An extra 2.5/3.5 hours added to my schedule and dance on Saturday.

Meal planning time!