Recovery done and over, new challenge accepted

Lets say I’m now mostly recovered from my surgery. It’s now all about restrengthening and re-learning. Out of it all, I have a rad scar, no bone being wedged between my heel bone and leg bones, a contorted back and hip, and no stamina and very little energy.

I have become lost from my blogging as… I have nothing to say. You’d think I’d be dying to go to dance. But I don’t. I want to be normal again most of all. I spend my days now stretching for hours on end. Some days are good and some are bad. My achilles is the worst culprit. It does not want to do plantar flexion, which you’d assume meant foot goes down. Plantar flexion actually means foot goes up, towards your knee. DORSI flexion on the other hand is the down.

In other news, my little calf muscle is returning. It’s its own little bulge, slowly returning to form and strength. I find myself a lot of the time standing and putting any weight on my left leg even though I am no longer assisted by crutches. I walk normally, for the most part. Which has become frustrating as I mentioned before my right hip is twisted. Which causes my pants, particularly leggings (yep, you know you’re a dancer when you prefer leggings. Mine are OPAQUE kay!) on my right leg to actually pull up. My hem will be an inch higher than my right. So I’m going to go see my chiropractor soon because not only is my hip being ridiculous, my back is all funky too. So it will be good to get that adjusted. I can’t walk for too long though. Usually an hour of standing/walking and then my foot hurts. It’s re-adjusting to having weight on it.

I still spend a lot of time with my foot elevated. My surgical site continues to swell, or as I call it fluffy/puffy depending on the day. It’s not horrible. An untrained eye wouldn’t notice, but my PT and myself are like “yeesh!”, get that swelling down, yo! I have to do a special soak to try and get out that stuck remaining fluid. 3 min in warm water and 1 min ice water. Back and forth. Not my cup of tea, not excited at all.

This week I’m on my own. No Dr.s appointments and no PT appointments since she’s out on vacation living it up in Hawaii. I’m not jealous because I get to watch the Seahawks in the Super Bowl!! (#gohawks!) Don’t confuse that with watching the Seahawks at the Super Bowl like my Brother thought. I will happily on a friends couch (most likely the floor, stretching) eating Super Bowl food! Not the healthy kind, the bittersweet butt bubble and beer gut forming kind. Yussss… Our Hosts are making steaks… but uhh… bringing weenies in bbq sauce and jalapeño creamcheese dip.

One of those personal things I’ve learned, which I think I’ve mentioned before. Is that I have an adaptable metabolism!! YAY! I still weigh as much as I did before surgery. 107 lbs! You also know you like your PT because her homework she gives you, besides the hated clam exercise, is to balance on your bad foot in a pair of HIGH heels. No problemo.

I shall leave you all with that. As I have a Hemingway book to read while I stretch. And stretch some more. Oh, and them more stretching.

2 thoughts on “Recovery done and over, new challenge accepted

  1. I know it’s frustrating, but dude, that sounds like PROGRESS!
    Definitely get in to the chiropractor about that hip/back. That was a huge part of my hip owie this fall which I kept trying to fix at PT dealing with the immediate issue of a muscle spasm in the socket… anyway, it was all good after I accidentally adjusted myself with a spinal twist in a movie theater seat!

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